What is SNC used for and the No1 reason why you should buy it

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SuperLife SNC Benefits

Nature’s Solution For Optimum Vision and Cognitive Health:

Superlife snc benefits

SNC -Superlife Neuron Care

Is a stem cell therapy based on careful research to bring an end to vision, mobility and cognitive dissonance.

In abbreviation it is called SNC.

SNC has the capacity to address any issue related to the Brain, Eyes, heart and your Neurons.

No brainer it is highly recommended for patients with Paralysis, heart condition, Glacoma, Cataract, Macular Degeneration, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Celebral Palsy, etc.

As long as the condition is Brain, eyes, heart or neuron related SNC is the stem cell you need.

One of it major active ingredient is the Ginkgo Biloba which has the capacity to repair even the softest damaged tissue of the eye as well as inflammation of delicate tissues in the body.

Some chronic diseases trigger an inflammatory response even when there is no illness or injury present. Over time, this excessive inflammation can cause permanent damage to the body’s tissues and DNA. Thank SNC for the rescue.

Some specific conditions in which ginkgo extract (an active ingredient in SNC) has shown to reduce inflammation include



Irritable bowel disease (IBD)


Heart disease



Macular degeneration


Memory loss

Psychiatric Disorders and Dementia

Support Vision and Eye Health

Treatment is 3-6 months but we have seen many patients recover significantly in two months.

If you have a patient with any of the above condition by all means go ahead and include SNC in your treatment.

SuperLife SNC dosage

It’s important you adhere to usage guidelines.

Superlife neuron care SNC comes in a powdered form and in a sachet.

A packet contains 15 sachets which is meant for a two weeks supply.

Minimum recommended trial is one month which means you have to use 2packets in 30days.


If you are not using Stc30 which is also a product of Superlife you can take 1sachet of SNC a day.

First thing in the morning. On an empty stomach.

Patient are instructed to take the medication orally. That is, pour it on your tongue. Leak it the way you would leak toffee or soup.


This is what you should do;

1. The two products require you take them on an empty stomach so you don’t take both the same day.

2. Take them alternatively.

That’s, stc30 only today.

SNC only tomorrow.

For further assistance on Superlife products call this numbers below.

Call: +2349051134951

WhatsApp : +2347065657818

A few times people have asked me questions like,

1. How is SNC stem cell treatment effective on stroke and brain related issues?

2. Where can I get SNC to buy in Nigeria?

3. How much is SNC sold in Nigeria?

4. Where to buy SNC in South Africa?

If you are one of such people I recommend you follow this link to read on the benefits of this amazing product.

Learn more about Superlife products https://superlifecare.com.ng/products

As to how to get it in south Africa or any other country reach out to the contact below on the appropriate guidelines to get the product in your local community.

Call: +2349051134951

WhatsApp : +2347065657818

In Nigeria, 2packets of SNC is sold for 66,000 naira. That amount will equally earn you a membership registration at no extra cost. For other countries 2packets is $120 and it also comes with membership. Being a member cones with it own benefits but that is a topic for another day.

About SuperLife the company behind SNC:

Superlife is reputable in quality production an act that has earn them many scientific backed global recognition. Standard is high priority. No wonder everything they produce is a record breaker. For example, SuperLife is the first plant based stem cell company. That’s why they are refered to as the origin of plant stem cells. Their Discovery has helped the world to get stem cells from man’s friendliest component-plant, solving the many short falls of the earlier animal stem cell discovery. We owe many thanks to this company for making stem cell treatment friendly, effective and affordable.

I’m my humble self,

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