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Superlife Business Opportunity

Superlife Business Opportunity


1. You are not required to invest anything. No pumping of money is required. You have purchased a franchise and you are given the product. Use it and tell your story. Let others come and consume also and get paid.

2. Selling is *not* compulsory. Your earnings do not depend on how much you sell. I will personally discourage selling and encourage team building.

3. No monthly payments (autoship) is required. Build your team and enjoy the benefits.

4. Purchasing points PP or volumes are not flushed if you couldn’t reach a target in a month. In fact you set your own target.

5. We have amazing products. No long talk kura.

6. Team work, team spirit is what we operate on. You wont be left alone to perish. You belong here.

7. We have an amazing compensation plan. Payouts are good.


What more can I say.


This is a Golden opportunity.

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