Our cells lose control of its restoration ability as we age. The Super Life STC30 (Superlife Total Care) prides itself as the origin of stem cell in treatment and prevention of diseases. Super Life STC30 has a myriad of ingredients that helps to boost one’s health.


The search for the fountain of youth by man has been in progress since time immemorial; there is nothing new about that. What have however changed are the methods of inquiry and discovery. There has been progress in this aspect. One of the most radical advances in the field of life extension revolves around the use of adult stem cells (stem cell therapy).
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells found throughout the body. They are remarkable in that they have the ability to differentiate into any other type of cell in the body. When life begins, a single giant cell (the zygote) replicates repeatedly to give rise to every other cell in the body. The cell from which other cells spring forth contain the entire genetic code of the person (the genetic code is the biological software that produces and defines each cell type in the body). After the body has been developed, among the trillions of cells in the body remains a population of quiescent stem cells waiting to be called into action to help in the repairs of damaged tissue. These stem cells abound everywhere. They are present in the body’s adipose tissue, bone marrow, and in every single tissue compartment. The stem cells are nature’s repair kit. They wait readily to repair tissues whenever the need arises…


SuperLife Colon Care (“SCC15”) enhances the health of your colon with essential ingredients such as Fibersol-2, Chlorophyll, Amla Extract, Green Apple Powder, Beet Root Powder, Aloe Vera Powder, Astaxanthin, Grape Seed Powder, Milk Thistle Extract, Psyllium Husk Powder, Probiotics and Multivitamins. These nutrients provide dietary support for the normal, healthy functioning of the colon, including regular expulsion of waste materials, encouraging the growth of friendly and healthy bacteria, and proper digestive function.
SCC15 offers protection to your colon in the long term. You get essential fiber (both soluble and insoluble) for complete fiber benefits such as absorption of toxins and waste matters, better peristalsis, and expulsion of toxins from the body. This process helps to ensure a healthy colon. Also, with SCC15, the integrity of your colon mucosa is not compromised, and it effectively prevents your waste from getting reabsorbed into the blood stream. You are also assured of healthy gut bacteria such as acidophilus and bifidus which promotes colon health…

buildyour immune system


SIC (SuperLife Immune Care) is a proprietary blend of nature’s finest ingredients, powered with AFA Concentrate and Co-Q10. Our advanced formula associated with stamina and longevity, is documented to support natural release of adult stem cells from bone marrow and increase number of circulating stem cells.


The human body has a natural ability to resist almost all types of organisms or toxins that invaded the body which may cause damage to the body tissues and organs. This ability is called immunity. Much of immunity is acquired immunity that does not develop until after the body is first attacked by a bacterium, virus, or toxin; often weeks or months are required for the immunity to develop. An additional element of immunity that results from general processes, rather than from processes directed at specific disease organisms, is called innate immunity. It includes the following aspects:

  • Phagocytosis of bacteria and other invaders by white blood cells and cells of the tissue macrophage system.
  • Destruction of swallowed organisms by the acid secretions of the stomach and the digestive enzymes.
  • Resistance of the skin to invasion by organisms.
  • Presence in the blood of certain chemicals and cells that attach to foreign organisms or toxins and destroy them. Some of these are……