I was diagnosed with multiple fibroid – Mrs Shola Adelowo

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My name is Olushola Adelowo, I got married in year 2006, 13years ago. As a young virgin, just out of university, marriage for me was the beginning of a dream of a happy family.

I was diagnosed with multiple fibroid – Mrs Shola Adelowo

As I surrendered my Virginity to my Honey husband during our honeymoon, I thought of happy he’ll be if I announced my pregnancy
result a month later.

A month came, and nothing! We became worried, we got tested, my husband was diagnosed okay, while I was diagnosed with multiple fibroid. Then I had my first surgery to remove fibroid.

The Joy of becoming pregnant after 2years of marriage knew no bounds…but then,7weeks into my pregnancy, I was operated for an ectopic pregnancy.

To cut the story short, we had series of tests locally and internationally, we had 2 failed IVF in India and Germany.

My 11 years TTC struggle earned me hormonal imbalance, blocked fallopian tube due to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis,and surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I lost hope in life, people called me names, and my inlaws even threatened to throw me out of their Son’s house…. I became suicidal so much my supportive husband kept me under 24hrs surveillance.

But then, at this point, God brought plant stem cell,(SUPER LIFE STC30) therapy my way in February 2018 through a friend who had an infertility condition too, but became pregnant, the rest became history.

My treatment lasted for about 8weeks and I became pregnant by the 3rd month of the therapy. Today I am a proud mother of twin baby boy’s.

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