Clinton Opah Hot Stc30 System Scam

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Hot Stc30 system: Sell your Stc30 Scam

Clinton Opah Hot Stc30 System Scam

Clinton Opah Sell your Stc30 Scam
Clinton Opah Hot Stc30 system: Sell your Stc30. The new scam ravaging network marketers in Nigeria especially SuperLife members.


Benefiting from the popularity of Superlife Stc30 are not just the hard working Nigerians hoping to better their lives but scammers too like the likes of Clinton Opah of who are capitalizing on the innocent distributors of super life world with a promise to rake in tons of sales in just 5 days.

The system was never set out to give value so you will loose your money if you patronize his fake service.

It’s not different from going to computer village to buy a phone but on getting home you discovered that it’s fufu that’s inside. The only difference is, this one is an online scam So they have to give you digital fufu/Akpu.

Victims are paying as much as 120,000 naira for online junk (fufu) and then he stops picking your call or responding to messages. He has moved on to another victim.

The hot Stc30 system does not work. it’s a scam to rob you of your hard earned money. SuperLife members beware.

This website is a scamming site.

Chibuike Clinton Opah is not giving you any of the things promised on the site. It’s all juicy lies to lure you in so you can part with your hard earned money.

You won’t know until your money is gone.

After you realized that you ve been defrauded & you ask that your money should be returned, Chibuike Clinton Opah will tell you he has no return policy. No thief likes to return what they stole no matter how hard you cry “give me my bag back”

This review is to save you from falling victim. Do not patronize

And if you have fallen victim already write your experience and share it online. Everywhere possible. Also report to the authority. No thief is above the constitution.

Be aware! Be alert!

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